Choosing A Process

Traditional (Contested and Non-Contested)

As your attorney, I will zealously advocate for your interests. I will first explore negotiation, but reverse the right to present any unresolved issue to the court for decision. The adversarial model is assumed in family court procedures. I prefer to use a problem-solving approach. Professional representation doesn’t have to lead to another court battle.


You and your spouse retain control of the outcome by pledging in writing to reach  a full settlement by mutual agreement without going to court, and to reach decisions you both approve of, with the assistance of attorneys trained in the collaborative process. I will work as a team with you, your spouse, and their collaboratively trained attorney to resolve all issues in a mutually satisfactory way. We may bring collaboratively trained professionals into the team to help you reach a workable settlement, such as divorce coaches for the adults, a child specialist to speak with the children and then advise the collaborative team, and a financial consultant, who can bring both accounting and sophisticated tax strategies to the table. I offer reduced hourly rates to clients who sign an agreement for a collaborative divorce process. I am glad to discuss whether your issues appear to be resolvable through a collaborative approach.


For those who choose to file family court actions without an attorney, we are available to draft and review motions and proposed settlement agreements, and to advise you on the law, at my hourly rate, payable when each consultation is concluded.

I am often asked, after a family court action is concluded, to correct mistaken or incomplete settlements that were prepared without the assistance of any attorney. Your right to revisit a settlement once it has been adopted by the court is extremely limited. I strongly urge consultation before entering into an agreement.

On the other hand, I can advise you whether you have the grounds to ask the court to change an exiting order on child support, spousal maintenance (if not waive or denied), child custody or placement. I am also available to help enforce your judgement.


Drawing on my many years of experience, I can act as a neutral mediator to help you explore options, upon the consent of both spouses, whether or not you are represented by attorneys. The benefits of mediation include reduced cost, privacy, confidentiality, and control of the outcome. I can guide you through the divorce process and put your agreement in writing. I have had a high success rate in resolving mediated cases, and clients express a strong level of satisfaction. Please note that, if I am retained to be neutral mediators, I cannot appear as the attorney for either party in court.

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